The Film Challenge (Roll 4 of 24)


On the first of this year, I started My Film Beginnings Project. I am attempting to shoot at least two rolls of film each month and to make at least one shutter click on a film camera each day of the year.

The Boring Details

As a long time digital photographer, I recently started a project that involves shooting 35mm film. You can find a few of my Street Photography digital images here:

Winter is winding down and I’ve never been happier about it. This year, for my least favorite season, mother nature brought us a middle of the road experience. I’ve lived through many years that were worse but also a fair amount of much milder years. The past two months has made me realize how glad I am that I decided to start my My Film Beginnings Project. The past few months are probably the most times I’ve been out with a camera in hand during a winter season in my entire life. Ironically, it also brings the fewest number of frames I’ve taken during the winter in years as well. Film photography has motivated me to shoot more and to have a greater appreciation for the images I capture. 

Forest Walk – Minolta X-700 – Fujicolor 200 – Rokkor-X MD 35mm f2.8 – f2.8 1/15

Not too long ago I was getting burned out on shooting so much film in black and white but this previous two weeks taught me that I’m just wired to see the world in black and white when it comes to photography. I already knew that, but shooting some film in color, was nice for a change of pace. In my post The Film Challenge (Roll 3 of 24) I talked about how it is refreshing to know that if I see a scene that I believe is better suited for black and white I can capture it and convert to black and white with software later if I feel the need. I’m partially color blind and this is probably the biggest contributor to why I prefer to create photographs in black and white.

Smoke Stack Skyline – Minolta X-700 – Fujicolor 200 – Rokkor-X MD 35mm f2.8 – f8 1/1000

Everyone always asks what it means to be partially color blind so I’ll give some explanation. I usually tell people “I live in a colorful world but those colors are just messed up!” I can clearly see color but in some specific cases, I have trouble telling you what that exact color is. I typically confuse blue and purple, yellow and green, and black and maroon. But again, it’s only in specific cases and when the shades are close (at least to my eye). Now you know that when I post a picture and you think “why are those colors off?” you’ll know that it’s my confused version of our colorful world. Sometimes, I jokingly tell people “Maybe it’s me who see’s the colors right, why are my colors wrong just because I’m in the minority?”

Train Tracks At Sunset – Minolta X-700 – Fujicolor 200 – Rokkor-X MD 35mm f2.8 – f4 1/60

The Fujicolor 200 film did well but I’m starting to have feelings of “blah” the more I shoot it. I was most impressed by that one roll of Kodak Portra 400 I shot but I’m holding judgment of the film until I’ve shot multiple rolls. An upcoming vacation is approaching and I’m hoping to shoot multiple rolls of color film at that time and make some comparisons. But for now, the brief period of shooting in color is done and I’ve decided to return to black and white for the next segment of My Film Beginnings Project.

Film Challenge Post 3 of 24  Film Challenge Post 5 of 24

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Camera Donation Page 

My Film Beginnings Project has also intrigued me to try using other 35mm film cameras along the way. If you have a working 35mm film camera that you no longer use please take a look here to see what I’m thinking. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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